By no means is this saying that I’m a good bridesmaid. Not at all. To be honest I’m not great, I’m rubbish at organising, and well a bridesmaids job totally relies on her organisation skills to creating that ultimate party, the hen. But for what I do lack in PowerPoint presentation skills, I do fly with colours in enthusiasm, love, and of course, sourcing clothes and decorations. Those are my good and bad points. And it’s probably best to come to terms with them at an early stage so jobs can be delegated to the correct contender.


So, I’ve been a bridesmaid three times now. To both my sisters and then the other day to my childhood (and current) friend. It’s a complete honour and of course you want to do your best for them, it’s a stressful and exciting and overwhelming time all at once, so I’ve listed a few points to consider if you’ve recently been lucky enough to be asked to be part of someone’s special day:


  • Always smile – this is basically a job (one that you desperately want) and we always smile and say yes when seeing the CEO (that’s the bride btw).
  • Make time to go to the brides appointments with her. Dress, hair, make up. Those are the times she will need your honest opinions.
  • Be as honest as you can with her about the dress, hair, make up, venue, etc. This is when she will need your actual opinion as things can be totally overwhelming. Also know your audience, what would she like, what would she do. When looking at dresses, think about her body, shape, style, colouring, not yours.
  • Once that bridesmaid chat starts, agree on a day a week to concentrate on it and discuss everything, otherwise it can all get a little crazy and messy.
  • We don’t want a fall out, remember that everyones a little stressed at this time because it’s a total honour to be asked to be involved and we want our bestie to have the most incredible day. It’s the feeling of pressure.
  • When feeling pressured, take a minute to yourself, rethink the situation before you speak.
  • Remember we all love each other.
  • When it comes to the hen, invite everyone on her list, they’re her friends, even if they’re not yours.
  • A hen do should be where the bride would like to go/what should would like to do.
  • Don’t put any stress on her. Just tell her what to wear and when to be ready for pick up.
  • Do not make anything about you or anyone else, it’s all about the bride. Bride overload always is a must at this time.
  • If you’re wanted, be there the night before the wedding, it’s such a bonding experience.
  • For maid of honours, it’s always nice to then give the bride a little something special. For my little sisters I made her a photo album of her life so that she can take it to her new house.
  • Know the schedule of hair, make up, bridesmaids hair etc as much as you can so you don’t have to keep asking others. Sharing a timetable is the best way.
  • Be calm. The bride needs a relaxing area to get ready in.
  • You will wear/dress how the bride wants you to, it’s her day, so smile, say yes, be happy about it. She’s envisioned this day for so many years. Your day is to come don’t worry.
  • Cry when you see her, after you’ve walked down the isle, when they do their vows. But remember you have to have photos after this so try not to look a mess.
  • Be respectful of the bride and grooms family members, you are part of the bridal party and it is your duty to represent the bride. Remembering names is key.
  • Greet people after the ceremony/ask people if they need anything/can help etc.
  • Smile for all the photos.
  • Drink.
  • Do not get drunk and cry about ex’s, remember your day will come!
  • Try and last the entire night. It’s a long day but its only a day.