By no means am I trying to be a ‘beauty blogger’, this is just me writing a couple of beauty hacks I’ve managed to master over the years, that work for me. A couple of easy steps that I take to try and get that glowy skin and shiny hair.




I’ve written about this product soooo many times, but honestly its such a dream! The Body Shop’s very own Himalayan Charcoal Mask. I try and do it at last once a week. Or whenever I need a good glow. It leaves my skin feeling cleaner, brighter and tighter, not to mention that glow it leaves behind!




A new obsession of mine, is the Estee Lauder SPF 50 face cream. I mean am I the only one who didn’t know that you had to wear SPF on your face everyday?! I assumed that masking my face with foundation was the protection my skin needed, plus with face-creams that already have a little SPF in them, I thought I was covered, but actually I need more. Protecting your skin everyday with a high SPF is whats going to keep those pesky wrinkles away for as long as possible, plus after fighting for years with darker pigmentation on my face as soon as I get a spot or blemish, I’ve found out that its the sun thats making the blemish darker, especially as I already have so much pigment in my skin, it happens so quickly. So yes, this product is protecting me, stoping wrinkles and preventing anymore scaring.




I love a hair treatment, and with a love of washing my hair every morning, I’m having to make sure that I’m doing everything I can to keep my mane nourished and shiny. To do this I try and have monthly treatments at Sassoon. I go for their elastic hair treatment by Wella, and it’s just so incredible! I would highly recommend this if you’re trying to grow your hair.




Another hair miracle is the Sassoon Intense Restore Treatment. A home treatment, that I try and do once a week. Leave in wet hair for about an hour and then wash out for uber silky and shiny locks.




Has anyone use Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream yet?! If not, you must! It’s a thick and moisturising face cream that sinks into my pours amazingly. It leaves it soft and glowy, plus it creates a good base for my foundation.




A good night routine is key, and for the last couple of weeks I haven’t stopped bathing my face in the Estee Launder Restore Night Serum. It helps signs of ageing, while keeping the skin hydrated, brighter and stronger.




One more hair secret, which shouldn’t really be a secret, but I’m loving the Kerestase Blow Dry Cream, which I use on wet hair, pre blow dry to help protect it from all the heat. You’ll notice a difference with this one.




Skin, I mean I’ve been trying so hard recently! My latest obsession has been the weekly facials at Skin Laundry (in Liberty, London). A quick 15 minute treatment of laser and lights to deep clean the skin. After about three sessions I noticed my skin looking so much brighter! I would recommend one of these if you had a big event the next day. Also for those worrying about darker skins with lasers etc, I found myself super sensitive to the laser as it heats up a lot more because I have so much pigment, but I have been reassured that it is totally safe. I would recommend heading to their counter for a quick chat before had as they with tell you all you need to know and of course would say if this wasn’t the right thing for your skin




The newest experiment I’ve embarked on is micro-needling. I was told all kinds of fabulous things about it by beauty Emma Hoareau who had visited Pfeffersal and it made me instantly want to go after studying her glowy and scar free face. I had one treatment the other day but we did a super light version of the micro-needling as I’m back in the sun next week (you’re meant to have at least two weeks out of the sun to help your new skin heal). Anyways I love the whole process, and cant wait for a quiet August so that I can book in for the full deal. The reason why I’m so excited about it is because its meant to be the best thing for getting rid of scars, and I want to be that girl walking about with no make up and not having to try and hide a little behind sunnies/newspapers etc. This one will be a longer process, but I’m super excited about it. I’ll keep you all updated via stories on this one.