Last week I went to Croatia with the babes at Lindex. Together we traveled to the beautiful town of Trogir, just a short taxi ride from the airport (we flew into Split) and stayed at the stunning hotel, Brown Beach House.


The hotel is more of a Soho House vibe, all very cool, and perfectly curated. Consisting of intimate seating areas and lustful interiors, admittingly it was actually the chairs I noticed first, not the view. But also, that view! A black and white checked pool looking straight onto sea, it’s a dream!


So the reason why I started these travel-wear series was to help people decide what to take if you were traveling to the same place, because lets face it, we want to fit it, look appropriate, and its nice for someone to vet the area for you before. So my conclusion, dressy dresses and flat shoes, combined with simple tailored shorts and billowy shirts and broidery tops. Croatia reminds me of Palma, villagey and intimate, so you want to look sexy and effortless in floaty materials but still relaxed and I did that with the accessories.




During one of the days, we went on a trip to the waterfalls (which is far, but pretty), and I wore my white Zimmerma shorts, with my snake print Chloe shirt. Not I also wore my Topshop raffia slides which I wore the entire trip. Also make sure your bikinis on underneath incase you want to jump into the water! It seems those shorts were one of the best things I packed as I wore them everyday, just with different shorts and bikinis.






So both nights I wore ALEXACHUNG, one of my absolute favourite designers at the moment! (I’ll be doing a full post on her gorgeous clothes soon). The first night I wore my green polka dot midi dress (which is almost full lenght on me at 5’1) and the second night, I ventured into town to catch up with a pal over a G&T and wore my new red dungaree dress. ALEXCHUNG comes up true to size and fits my petite frame like a dream.






With both dresses I wore those Topshop raffia slides again, yes I wasn’t joking when I said I wore them with every outfit! Trogir is a very small but beautiful town, so you want to look nice but not too dressy, and by teaming those flowy midi dresses with flats it just works.