It was my first trip to Mykonos, and I’m already looking forward to returning in two weeks. Yes it was that special, and as beautiful as people say. There’s something about waking up to pure blue sky and sea, contrasted by the bright white buildings. Mykonos have got it right, their visual aesthetic is beautiful, every corner is picturesque, which makes my job a lot easier!


This trip was with the babes at Estee Lauder, where they were showing us writers/stylists/influencers the new Double Wear Light range. A foundation that stays on all day long, and covers any unwanted blemishes. At the moment I’m wearing their classic Double Wear Foundation (in bronzed) but as soon as the light colour range comes out next month I’ll be moving on that for the summer months. Ill write a full skincare/beauty post soon but for now heres a couple of their products that I now cant live without!




Ok back to fashion, so what to wear while in Mykonos. Well, its pretty simple really, you want to reflect the simpleness of the island. Think minimal, relaxed, whites, linens. I loved most wearing my white Zimmerman shorts (ill add alternatives below as they’re sold out) and my white Ghost dress (which appears longer on me because I’m 5’1). But for that one special night, I pulled out an all pink number which I loooooved. It’s the perfect colour against those whites and blues, and there’s something amazing about an all one colour look. Plus my snake obsession continues.




Shoe wise, I made the mistake of wearing super super high wedges one night, but honestly, its super relaxed so most people are in cool raffia flats or a small wedged heel. Remember its all cobbled, so skinny heels are a no no!¬†Accessories are so important for a minimal wardrobe, the basket parade also continues, I must have about 10 of them now, but Muun are my new loves. They’re the more preened looking basket bags, so perfect for an all days trip in Mykonos town.




Swimwear, I’m going all tonal, lots of beige, terracotta, and brown.



Like I said, I’m back in two weeks so will explore the island more, I’ll also be there for a hen do so will follow with places to go out, cool restaurants etc. But for those who wanted to know where I stayed this time, it was the stunning Cavo Tagoo. The 5 star hotel looks just as beautiful in real life (lets face it, sometimes things are exaggerated online), and I’d definitely go back and stay there again, maybe with my boyfriend next time on a special occasion.