I spend a lot of money attending weddings; the travel, hotel, gift, dress, shoes, bag, this all adds up pretty quickly. But that being said, it’s totally worth it. I get to attend an event hosted by my closest friends who are declaring their love for one another, it’s truly romantic and being invited to something like that is an honour. Also, not to be forgotten, it’s pretty much a peacocking circus. It will be full or old boyfriends, boyfriends new girlfriends, your boyfriends old girlfriends, I mean its intense, and thats forgetting the old aunties who constantly remind you that you’re not yet married like you don’t already know. So my power in these situations is to look as good as possible, a look that will have other’s envious, this is the goal.


As I’ve got older, I admit I spend more on clothes as I like to find investments, things that will last a lifetime (as long as I stay around the same size). Some of the dresses I’ve bought recently I know I will wear to other weddings next year but just teamed with different shoes and bag. That is clever buying, here we’re not afraid of wearing the same thing twice or more (I mean a lot more). But than thats not to segregate the highstreet lovers, there’s still some beauts on the market, and if it is a quick fast fashion fix that you’re after, there’s no shame in your game. So below I have edited down my favourite wedding guest dresses in price order, to make sure there’s an option for us all.








UNDER £100



UNDER £200



UNDER £300



UNDER £500



UNDER £1000