Ok bare with me, I know they’re expensive, but there are many pro’s to these £200 plus Re/Done jeans. I bought my first pair last summer and I lived in them, they were the Mid-Rise Slim Leg Crop at £230. In the winter too actually I wore them almost everyday, only taking them off to wash, where I would then substitute them for my Isabel Marant pink cords (which now come in mustard!) So they were my day jean, and night jean. By day I would style them with clogs, vans, Superga’s, slide, and then my chunky biker boots in the winter. By night they went with every heel I had, even my green velvet Miu Miu boots. The straight leg, slightly crop style is so flattering, it offers enough gap at the ankle so any shoe is still flattered, while they are fitted on the waist and hips. They are basically just a cool jean ok! And if you haven’t noticed, I never wear black jeans, for me it’s all about a vintage blue whatever the season.



Size wise I’m a uk 8, and went for a size 25 as I knew they came up big. Eventually I had to have then taken in on the waist, which is something I never thought I would do, but with a jean this expensive, I needed them to fit like a dream, and they totally did after!



The other week I went to get my favourite jeans (the only ones I wear) out of my wardrobe and I looked at the half done label, proof of the hard work these jeans have gone through this past year. And it made me think about how much I have actually worn them, how much money I have saved by not buying a new pair of high-street trend jeans each month, and how much I deserved another pair!


My new babies are the Stove Pipe High-Rise Straight Leg. A pair that come up higher than the others, are more fitted (I went for a 24 this time) and have a slightly wider leg, even though still straight. I love them, they’re my new ‘saving for best’ pair that I’ve worn most days since. Basically, what I’m saying is that sometimes investing in jeans like this actually saves you money. They’re also a better fit and better quality so your’ll feel amazing in them and they’ll last a lifetime. I convinced a pal of mine last week on our trip to Mykonos and she just texted me saying how much she loves them. Trust me, once you go Re/Done, you wont go back.