We all use being ‘busy’ as a pass for self-gratification. When someone asks how I am I normally reply with; “good thank you, just so busy!” This is normally repaid with an impressive look, and normally a “oh amazing” or a “make sure you take some time for yourself.”  We say this to impress people, so that they know we have a lot going on in our lives, that we have fulfilled lives which are almost bursting at the seams. But surely using this saying so much will only dilute it’s power? And are we really that busy? I’ve teamed up with Nike for this post to explore why it is that we do this.




Being ‘busy’ in my opinion isn’t great for your mental health. Yes having a full life is, but as long as you still have that 30 minutes a day (at least) where you can go and take time to focus on yourself. I do. I make sure I have downtime to collect my thoughts, reflect on the days events and prep myself for the next day. This is probably one of the most important times of my day. I throw on my gym kit and go for a walk, jog, run around Wandsworth Common/Balham/Clapham, changing up the route to give me some urban variations. Often with my boyfriend, sometimes on my own, sometimes even without my phone. Times like this remind me that life is actually pretty simple, it’s others that complicate matters, so as long as I remind myself what it is that I find import, I’m then on the right path.




I was reminded about my feelings on this subject when Nike came to me with this collaboration based around the fact that mindfulness is actually my power, taking that time to run and be free helps me concentrate and reconnect with myself, therefore letting my live my fastest life. Running is not only important for my physical fitness, but probably more importantly my mind.


With this exciting collaboration comes some new apparel, and after searching high and low for the perfect above the knee running shorts (people are now also wearing them out), Nike presented me with the perfect pair. Teaming the shorts with one of their sports bras, I love a minimal work out look, and of course with their new Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 trainers.