I often get messages from people asking what exactly happens in a meeting, during a shoot, on a work trip. Like whats the route, what do we talk about etc. So when I was asked by fashion bible Red Magazine to be included in there 20th birthday issue, I jumped at the chance to work with such influential creatives and of course to be able to document the going on’s for you guys.


9:00 am

I woke up and hour ago (so it’s a pretty nice call time! I’ve had some which have been like 6am) and managed to wash my hair and blow dry it so it was fresh and not to crazy. I’ve thrown on my trusted Realisation dress and oversized Zara cardigan so that I’m as comfortable as possible. A bag had also been packed the night before, full of new clothes I’ve bought recently, a good pair of jeans and shoes. The stylist always asked for you to bring a few things just incase. I’m 5’1 and obviously a stylist myself so I’m pretty particular about what I wear. Note I also pack a book as sometime’s there’s a lot of waiting around and my make up bag incase for those colour matching disasters.


10:00 am

I arrive at gorgeous home/studio in the middle of Primrose Hill. Greeted by the lovely ladies I had been talking to over email and finally meet the stylists, photographer, hair and make up, plus assistants. Straight into wardrobe while the lovely Erica Davis is having her hair and make up done.


11:00 am

Wardrobe was sorted super quickly, the stylist; Fashion Editor Alisha Motion, is a total babe and so inspiring so I was in good hands. The whole point of this feature for the magazines is to celebrate new creatives and also new and up and coming brands which have mainly bloomed from Instagram. Alisha had pulled looks from so many brands I love, it was amazing to try them on. We went through about 5 looks until I made my mind up with the checked jumpsuit. I loved the tie fronts and I knew as soon as I saw it that it was the right proportions for me.  With my tea in my hand I headed upstairs to hair and make up while the fashion assistant kindly steamed the outfit and prepped the accessories.



Hair and make up was a total dream! Both ladies kindly asked for images of myself before hand so they could keep me looking like me, although it was slightly amplified as it’s needed for print. I sat and worked on my phone while they worked their magic, popping out for around 10 minutes or so to give Erica who was shooting by that time some touch ups.



12:00 pm

Laura has arrived! (Another babe in this feature), I head back to wardrobe to change into my outfit and I’m all ready to shoot. The shoot was in the living room of the photographer Jane Mcleish-Kelsey’s house. A stunning open plan house that screams of creativity. I walk over to the white screen, with the hair and make up artists fighting to get their last bits done, Alisha kindly pulling on my jumpsuit and holding the amazing Neous heels which were sadly too big for me. Jane instantly makes me at complete ease, once she realises I’m not a smiler she encourages me to look moody and slouch more.


Having never been particularly bothered about posing for pictures, there’s something about being on set with all these fantastically successful people in the room counting on you to make their creation look good, and for a non model thats a lot of pressure. But pressure in a good way I think. It’s a total adrenligin rush and I love doing the odd shoot like this. After looking at some of the images and reenacting the poses with other slight detail changes, we were finished shooting in about 20/25 minutes or so.


1:00 pm

I’m back in my old clothes, with my full face of make up and wavy hair sitting in a car on my way home.


This was about 6 weeks ago, and while I have these images from my film camera I’m still to see the magazine feature which is currently in the post and on it’s way to me! I should also finish this by saying again how amazing Red was to work with! I’m so lucky to have opportunities like this and to cross paths with such influential and strong women!