At the beginning of the year I decided it was time to be more of an adult, I needed 2018 to be my year, I was going to learn how to drive, play the piano, and get braces for the second time in my life. Forward 9 months and the braces have been on and off, but I haven’t applied for a licence of touched a piano. You can’t win them all. (If you want to read about the start of my journey, the Orthodontics I chose and fees etc, click HERE)




So it’s been 7 months since I had them put on and they’re now off! And I’m so happy! I mean, I complained every-step of the way. Having lingual braces so they’re behind the teeth are incredible for work etc, I mean no one knew I had them. But the pain. It wasn’t the tightening of the wire once a month that had me moaning the most (although it wasn’t comfortable, a day of paracetamol and soup and it was fine) it was more the constant pain of my tongue rubbing against the metal tracks. Working for myself I rarely talk until my boyfriend comes home, so that was fine, but when I had back to back meetings or hen do’s, talking for a few days in a row killed me! It was getting to the stage that I would get angry if someone tried to speak to me. So I counted down the months. Every 4 weeks going in to have the wires changed, hoping Dr Asif would say it was the day to get them removed.


That being said, it was only 7 months that I had them on for! And of course it’s the best thing I’ve done this year, I would tell anyone who’s contemplating it to just go and do it. I have always been a little shy about my teeth, but I didn’t realised how much until they started to get straighter and I realised I had started to smile more. It’s changed the shape of my mouth too, Dr Asif bought my teeth outwards to broaden my smile, which I love! People also began to comment too about how good they were looking just a few months in, as the good thing with these is that you can see the difference compared to when you have the traditional braces on the outside. Also I should probably say that I noticed them moving literally 3/4 weeks into it. That was really amazing as I could then point out any fine tuning to Dr Asif.




As lovely as The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic have been, I cannot go through this a third time. Just no. So I’ve had a thin wire permanently glued to the back of my teeth to prevent any movement. Back in the day when on the NHS (which is great by the way) well apparently that permanent wire just didn’t exist, hence the huge wave of people in the late 20’s, 30’s 40’s going back for braces a second time round. I also have a clear retainer that I wear every night as the wire only covers 6 or so teeth. And I’ll be wearing it every night until Dr Asif says it’s ok.




  • If you’ve been thinking about it, stop putting it off, just do it
  • You can play around with the price by having lingual braces on the top and normal train-tracks on the bottom
  • Nobody ever see’s the bottom
  • If you’re doing normal train-tracks, own it, so many people are doing it now!
  • Teeth move, wear the retainer
  • For those not wanting a big drastic change but who also have time on their hands can opt for Invisalign, the clear retainers, but remember you cant eat or drink in them so you end up prolonging the treatment if you super social and foodie like me
  • It’s a good thing that you want to look after your teeth
  • The white train-tracks also look great, I’ve just heard you should stay away from curries and anything else that can dye them
  • Visit a few dentist and then weigh out the pro’s and con’s of each
  • No one likes going to the dentist, so it’s important to feel comfortable with the team there
  • It’s over before you know it!




The London Lingual Orthodontics team, and Dr Asif Chatoo have been so incredible with me. Like I said I’m one of those annoying people who cried at the dentist every visit, and the team here would be so great at calming me down. Half way through the treatment the tears stopped and I started to feel super calm about it all and it was more of a simple monthly routine. I knew I was doing this for a good reason and having such a great team along the way helped so much! The team were amazing from the start so I knew straight away that I was doing the right thing going with them. A huge thank you London Lingual Orthodontics, although I hope this will be the last time I have to have metal in my mouth.