Soho Farmhouse, the who’s who’s country escape from mobile phones and selfies in every corner (unless you’re super sneaky). Part of a chain of hotels and hideaways, it’s a members only club that has become more and more sort after. Everyone who’s there works within the creative industry, or knows someone who does. And you have to be recommended by various members to get a foot it. Also no photography is allowed, making it a little unknown haven, favoured by many famous people.


Away from all the London smoke, in Chipping Norton by Oxford, Soho Farmhouse hides away amongst the fresh country air. A celebrities playground of extravagant pampering from their Cowshed massages, manicures and blow dries, to the outdoor hot tubs and swimming pools. By day you can horse ride or cycle around the various accommodation huts which are impeccably decorated, catering for every imaginable need. And by night you can head to the main barn for dinner and drinks (which can often get pretty messy!)


Anyways as I said you’re not meant to take photos around the grounds, but I just wanted to give you guys a little insight on what it’s like there.  It’s the perfect getaway from city life, and although its expensive, in my opinion it’s totally worth it!