I’ve really been super selective with my jewellery recently, I think as I approach (the actually not daunting at all) 30, I know I want the pieces I wear to reflect my personality, not just the brands. I want pieces that look like I could of had them for years, one’s that look like they could have a long family history behind them, weather a stone pendant or a 90’s gold hoop.





One the of the brands who have always called to me are Missoma, and over the last couple of years the brand has become huge! However that hasn’t stopped the ladies from being super authentic and true to their style. Every cool girl in London has a piece, mixed in with layers of other vintage finds, as this is the type of brand you can do that with.









The pieces become part of your everyday uniform, forming part of your seasonal voice. For me this Winter I’m all about lots of dainty layers. Huggie earrings paired with 90’s style gold hoops, two or three of the same bangle sitting comfortably against your knitted jumper sleeve, or the chic Interstellar Drop Necklace teamed with the classic Large Halo Necklace.


What you should also know about Missoma is that they customise, and that doesn’t just mean initials. Online you can draw, type anything you like, and its complimentary. I drew a very rough 89 (my birth year) just as a practice which I ended up loving.