I have many resolutions this year, but honestly, my website is really just about fashion, not me, so I’m going to write instead about what I plan to do and not to do with my wardrobe for 2019

  • Try not to spend so much money
  • The first point is easier said than done, but I’m going to try and stick to my rule of investing in more high end pieces that will last a lifetime instead of highstreet pieces which more often than not disintegrate after a wear or two.
  • If I do buy highstreet pieces, because lets face it, most brands are super quick at mimicking the runway, I’m going to make sure they’re pieces that will make a difference to my wardrobe. No more just buying for the sake of it.
  • I’ve loved getting items tailored in the last year, it’s made a huge difference as being 5’1 brings its difficulties. This year I’ll continue to make sure that the pieces I invest in fit properly.
  • I want to try and stay classic this year, buying less trend led pieces and more classics that I can wear no matter what’s in.
  • Wearing flat’s is cool. I will continue this.
  • Carrie is my idol, I think I’ll rewatch season three again and highlight outfits to copy.
  • I may not always wear make up, but my nails will always be done.
  • Ok maybe not.
  • I want to rewear pieces I already have, figuring out ways to style them differently.
  • If a pair of heels aren’t comfortable when I try them, they never will be. Do not buy.
  • Neither will I buy something in the hopes of being able to fit into it.
  • Must getting bigger flat to hold my over-following clothes/shoes/bags. (must look on Pinterest for wardrobe inspo)
  • When traveling, I use to be so good at packing, but recently I’ve decided that I need to take absolutely everything with me, so this year I must trust my instincts and take only what I need.
  • If the Olsen twins wear it, so must I.
  • I won’t by vintage just because other people think it’s cool.
  • If I want something, I will be straight away to defeat disappointment, those 28 days refund policies are a dream.
  • Only one highend piece allowed a month. Only every three months if it was ridiculous.
  • My really really special pieces I will archive away and only bring out on those super monumental occasions, I don’t want them to loose their power.
  • Others I will wear again and again. I remember someone messaging me (it was meant to go to their friend) to say how she couldn’t believe I was taking a particular bag to the gym. I will wear what I want, when I want.
  • Reselling unwanted clothes is such a good way to fund new purchases, also it’s not only a way to create more space but it’s also being conscious about our World and a good way to recycle. There is always someone out there who would love that dress you no longer love. And needless to say, charity shops are everywhere. Do some good too.
  • I dress for me and will only wear clothes that I feel good in.
  • Confidence is half the recipe of a good outfit.