I get asked this question all the time, where do I get my clothes tailored? Well the secret’s out: Scobies, in Wandsworth Common. Home to the seamstress of all seamstresses, Diana. I’ve been coming here since I moved here 3 years ago, and they have never failed me.


I’m 5’1. But that doesn’t mean I can just shop in the petite section. Proportionally my torso is short but my legs are long, so I need to tailor quite a lot. Things like jumpsuits and playsuits are a nightmare, really only being able to get them if the straps can be taken up. I’ve had a couple of Rixo dress’s taken up on the shoulders too actually, therefore bringing the empire line up to the right place, and that always turns out great. Also My Calvin Klein tartan dress that I’m obsessed with, I got it in a size too big because my size was sold out, so needed to have that taken in the whole way down.

But it’s not just for things that don’t fit. I have most my pieces tailored because there’s no feeling better than having a dress fit to all your curves, with the perfect neckline for you and the perfect cut off just above the ankle. Sometimes I look at pieces and know I can make them more flattering on my shape, like making the straps narrower, or sewing up slits, so I do. Especially with the more expensive dresses I have, I need them to be worth it which strangely sometimes means spending even more money. But do remember, I buy to keep, I want to rewear these pieces over and over again for years to come, so in my mind it’s worth it.


In the last year I’ve invested in two pairs of ReDone jeans and have had them taken in at the waist, (big bum, smallish waist combo). Since then they’ve really been the only jeans I wear, the perfect fit for day to night, with trainers or heels. I’m super confident in them because I know they fit.


  • ‘Why does it look longer on you than the model’ – Because I’m 5’1
  • ‘How do you get away with long dresses’ – I normally buy ‘midi’ dresses which are then down to the ankle on me, and I like that long Olsen twin look. If it’s still too long than yes I’ll have it shortened.
  • ‘Did you have that tailored?’ – Probably
  • ‘How do you look tall in images?’ – It’s all about proportions, short girls can wear long dresses too, you’ll just need the perfect lenght top to even it out. I tuck a lot in, like with the slip skirts. And sometimes even when wearing a long skirt or dress I like to keep the top oversized too, and long coats on top also look super chic.
  • ‘How much was it?’ – It’s different for item/person, we all have different areas we’d like to tailor so couldn’t say a price.
  • ‘Do you know any other tailors?’ – Honestly I first went here because it’s close to my home, it was convenient. I’m lucky that I like how they do everything. Maybe try somewhere near you if this place is too far, with something not too precious first.