This time last year I wrote a piece about entering the last year of my 20’s, as I headed into my 29th year, which was actually my best year to date. A year which taught me a numerous amount of lessons, brought waves of mixed emotions, and many, many deliveries.

Twenty-nine was the age I settled into me, understanding more about who I am and I what I want. My insecurities have become something that I healthily challenge myself on, and the rest I simply accept and move on. Similarly to my New years Resolution’s posts, I have fashion expectations for myself, as a 30 year old woman. I want to look my age, which is still very young, but with a sense of control and grace. I want to spend my money cleverly, investing in pieces I know I can wear again and again, and I want to continue to enjoy clothes.

I love and work in fashion because I love the way I can express myself through clothing, a good outfit makes me feel confident and happy. (Although don’t confuse yourself with me needing material objects to be happy, it’s simply me saying that fashion is an outlet for me).

That being said, as a woman walking into my thirties with excitement, optimism and a new chic trench coat (shopping post coming soon), I like to think I’ve already mastered my own personal style. I love oversized clothing, ankle skimming dresses and a bold OAP style sandal, these are the barebones that are ‘me’, and it’s something that I want to keep investing in. Maybe I’ll clear my older wardrobe out, maybe I’ll sell the lot, well maybe actually what I do need is a wardrobe big enough to see it all.

Whatever my thirties bring me, fashion wise, I’m going to use the below as a simple tick list.

  • Buy classic items; Trench coat (already done), a classic black boot, the perfect day heel, a cashmere jumper from The Row, anything from The Row.
  • Buy more gym-wear. I go around 4 times a week, I need to invest more.
  • Invest in a new Winter coat. I’ve worn that Saks Potts coat for two Winters now.
  • Keep up with my facials so I can stop ‘needing’ foundation.
  • Make sure I cleanse, tone, moisturise, face mask etc etc every night (doubtful).
  • Keep wearing flats. 5’1 girls can look chic in flats too.
  • Tell people to leave when they give me ‘fashion advice’. I’M A STYLIST.
  • Keep pushing the fact that it’s good for us to all have individual style, life would be boring otherwise. I can appreciate other styles even if I don’t want to wear them myself.
  • Keep to those classic beige, rust tones.
  • Invest in a few wow dresses I can bring out for big dinners and events.
  • Keep tailoring, it makes all the difference.
  • If the tailor can’t help and it’s not flattering on me, send it back.
  • Make friends with the new delivery men/women.
  • Stop buying little pieces for the sake of it.
  • Jewellery – investment pieces only.
  • Sell my old wardrobe. If I haven’t picked it up in the last year it has to go.
  • Find my wedding dress.