I know you know that I like to box, Kobox to be exact, but I never really shout about what I wear and it seems that’s what you guys want to know, so here it is. For the last year I’ve been living in the same sports bra and pants from Nike and H&M because I find it so difficult to find workout gear that’s flattering on me. I like a petite top, with skinny straps and minimal stomach coverage, I also like it when the straps are straight (not a racer back). The front must be cut straight across, and if I can wear it with pads that’s a bonus to hide my nipples (graphic but this matters), otherwise it’s nipple covers. Bottom wise I love a yoga pant as they have a high and thick waistband which hold in my stomach and sides (I use to think they were love handles, now I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is how my body’s shaped). I also like a cropped leg as then then they’re full lenght on me (5’1 problems). In Nike I go for smalls, and H&M extra small.

So I found these, and they’ve been great because I feel good in them, and it’s so important to feel confident in your work out gear, but I’m sick of the constant washing so I can rewear them the next day, and the elastic has now snapped in my favourite black sports bra. This then forced me to see what else is out there, and I came across a few brands I really starting to love:

Have you ever heard of Heroine Sport or The Upside? Two brands I’ve invested in the last few weeks and they’ve ticked off every one of my requirements. The Heroine Sport black velvet bra is a favourite of mine, super slick and chic, not sheer at all, and I’m super secure. They also have some baby blue numbers I’m going to get for the Summer. The Upside is the fun one, super tiny bras and cropped pants in loud prints which bring something totally different to my workout style. Again the fit it great for me, heading for smalls in Heroine Sport and extra small in The upside.

Then it comes to the trainers, something that I never thought was a big deal, but it is. Some just don’t work for my particular style of exercise, I need something flattish and stable. But I’ve also realised that black trainers make me feel shorter. Strange I know, and maybe it’s a phase, but my old Stella x Adidas ones are my favourite, in a mix of white red and blue, they’re not my normal colour pallet but somehow they work, and I feel good in them. I just can’t keep putting them in the wash, so I’m also going to invest is some new ones (or just buy them again):