Every-time I book a trip away, I quickly jump online and buy a new Hunza G costume. Why? Because they’re one of the most flattering swim designs out there! They feel sexy and comfortable all in one, with a one size fits all method. The soft, crinkled material expands over your curves, while keeping tight but not at all restrictive around your smaller areas. Nothings pulled or squashed, and you can make the suit or bikini sit where you find the most flattering which is a lifesaver for my 5’1 frame. Not to rule out the taller honeys, this also works for you! Making swimsuits possible for longer torsos. Also I’ve seen so many pregnant beauties investing in them as they work so well over baby bumps/post baby.

It’s the perfect costume for all day drinking, beach lunches, laying around the beach, the day after hangover bloat. This is literally the magic swimsuit. The light beige tone is my favourite as I think it compliments my skin tone, but saying that I love the bronzed two piece I have as well (just note that sometimes the metallic suits can pull, whereas the matte ones stay like new). Dressed with a few necklaces and bracelets, its the perfect beach look, and it will be the most comfortable one you have!