Living in London you get use to faking it. Leggings underneath your dress, a cardigan under your jacket, sunglasses hanging hopefully around your neck. Our weather is unpredictable, so I’ve created a shopping edit sponsored by Weekday and ShopStyle on how to never get caught out.

1 – Always have sunglasses

I always have a pair with me, maybe two if a pal is lucky enough to have forgotten theirs. You never know when a ray will break free from the clouds. Plus on my no make up days, after boxing moments, painful hangover mornings, these are my saviours. These round frames are my fav.

2 – Ankle skimming

Dresses make you feel like Spring, and theres nothing worse then throwing on your old jeans and jumper and then feeling scruffy (that’s how I feel when I know I’m wearing old clothes that don’t represent the season), and ruining your day. Dresses below the knee, almost ankle skimming are the best weather safe option, they still keep you feeling like Spring/Summer, but have you covered incase of rain. Plus at £25 you can’t go wrong with these t-shirt style dresses, rust is also a huge must have for the season, but I also have it in black for those ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments.

3 – The Spring Jacket

I left the house with a jacket, but on this day the sun wasn’t actually lying and I gladly left it at my friends house before afternoon drinks (and then had to run back to hers once the sun went in). If we’re honest, a jacket is almost always needed here in the UK, you never want to be caught out, and the trench is my favourite jacket of choice this season. Worn true to size, click here.

4 – Not a necessity, but often making the outfit – Accessories

I love to keep things minimal, but even a minimalist needs a handbag and shoes. This bag reflects the sportsluxe trend which will be huge this summer! And for all the flat shoes lovers (me included), flip flops will be the shoe to be seen in. Strange I know, but super simple and actually pretty chic when teamed with an over the top look.