I hate having my hair up, so a hair accessory is my SS19 magic card for making my hair feel new and relevant. This kind of hair accessory is at it’s best when with a super minimal look, say jeans and a tee, but also looks amazing with a pretty milkmaid dress for a Summer wedding. This is 2019’s answer to last years shell craze.

Last year, when watching Clueless on repeat, I became obsessed with the whole matchy matchy hair accessory/outfit combo, and order a beige velvet headband from Etsy, one that I’m still wearing now. It wasn’t until I saw the £170 Prada beauties online, when I became really gloat-some about it. Cat got the cream and all that. Anyways if you can get the Prada one, do it, but if you don’t want to spend that much, the Etsy 3cm wide is a dream!