The life of your old favourite dress currently collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe doesn’t have to end there, yes you might be over it, she’s served you well the last couple of seasons but she’s just not you anymore. Well, she might be for someone else now, and together with Vestiaire Collective we are here to help.

Circular fashion, detoxing, sustainability, fashion recycling, all those buzz words are flying around more than ever now. Our generation has finally become aware of the damages that fast fashion is doing to our planet (and obviously many many other factors that I wont be getting into as this is a fashion site only guys).

So sustainability, how can you be sustainable when you have an addiction to shopping, to getting that incredible you jacket which will be the answer to all your wardrobe meltdowns. First of all, you know I always encourage people to buy clever, investing in higher end items that you end up keeping your entire life will stop you from buying more cheaper items which only last a few wears and you end up having to throw them away, adding to masses of waste. But another way to look at becoming more sustainably conscious is to give your clothes a second life, circular fashion. Resell that old handbag, give those shoes that you know hurt you way too much a new home.

I’m always asked about what I do with my unwanted clothes, I mean I have a lot of stuff in my one bedroom flat as I need to constantly be showing new items for my job as a stylist, but I just don’t have the room to keep everything. Plus I’m a huge believe that if I haven’t worn something in the last year, I wont ever again, so I sell a lot. I like the item of my old purchases circulating the fashion world, making someone just as happy as I was when I first purchased it. Also I’m pretty conscious when buying highend items, going for pieces which I think will retain their value, making reselling easier. Also items that sell out and become ‘must haves’ are great to resell.

This sale has been brewing in the background for a while now, an edit of last years, Summer must haves all treated well, with lots of life left. Those gold handle Chloe bags, the minimalistic The Row heels, vintage Gucci evening bags, the cool girl jewellery brand Alighieri, it’s all in there! Simply click here to head straight to my Vestiaire Collective profile with all my pre loved treasures ready for new homes. So take them home, keep the cycle moving.