The other week while at Kobox, I looked at myself in the studio full of mirrors and realised that I had been wearing the same trusted gym kit for the past two years – at least. They had become my safety blanket, items that I was comfortable in, confident, and were discreet enough to carry me straight into meetings after. And then I looked at the sea of fun dresses women in class. Why was I stopping at gym clothes?! Why had I looked at athletic-wear as just clothes to help me work out in, when they too should be fun! This was another opportunity to show my personality, walk around with a little more fashion pride. A key point I had been missing.

So mid year, I had decided to overhaul my gym wardrobe. Out with the basic, ‘I’m buying this basic gym bra because it does the job’, and in with the bright colours, fun prints and fresh silhouettes.

Wearing clothes that you enjoy while you work out is extremely important, like my day to day clothes, if I like my outfit, shamelessly I enjoy my day more! It’s a huge must to keep that healthy body momentum going, I mean even if you like working out, sometimes you still need a little boost to keep you going!

After testing my new style for the past week, I now confess, I love gymwear! My new collection consists of the below beauties, all fun pieces that you can mix and match – I’m really into print clashing at the moment!

Generally with tshirt’s I go a size up, I’m size 8 (uk), true to size (small) in bras, and I’ve found myself going down in the bottoms to a US2 or xs. This totally depends on your body shape, I have a smaller waist, but bigger bum and hips, so need to go down a size to feel secure around the waist. I would 100% say to order in two sizes and try at home. I do this all the time, and sportswear always varies.