Days like today are meant for staying at home, on the sofa with your duvet, but for the ones who have to leave the house, why not take your duvet with you….

I take my Nanushka puffer with me on every car trip, it’s soooo comfy! And at the first sight of a chill or drop of rain, I go running for it. It’s the perfect morning throw on, but can also look super chic. I remember seeing Katherine Ormerod on the tube last year, dressed in jeans, boots and the most incredible Saks Potts puffer, she looked a dressy/cas dream! (Argh I sound like such a stalker, I didn’t even say hi at the time!)

Moral of the story, this jacket is back for a second year and it’s looking strong, my floral one was an exclusive collab with Liberty, which I still love, but I’m currently contemplating investing in the all black leather Nanushka, for dressier times.