I love a dress, they’re my weakness, but as the weather gets colder it begins to get a little unbearable to keep wearing them, even with a boot. I mean I’ve always known that tights are the answer to this, but after years and years or non stop pulling from the ankles, knees, crotch, only for them to fall down 30 seconds later. Not to mention the unflattering bulge of extra tight material collected around your midriff. I even use to try and pull them high, tucking them into my bra to stop them rolling down – desperate times!!!!

And then this week, came Heist. And I have to admit it, they work. Stretchy, breathable, firm, and they actually stay up! Allowing you to move freely without the panic of having to pull them constantly. I’ve now realised that I’ve wasted seasons hiding my dresses in my wardrobe when I could have invested in a few pairs of The Fifty’s.

Putting my tights anger behind me, I’ve now opened up a new wardrobe. Midi dresses, short dresses, dresses with slits, not to mention the skirt jumper combinations which will now be weather appropriate. Also, I really love that look of a semi sheer flash of tights, I think it looks super chic, not to mention warmer!

I’ve also dived into a few of Heists other products, falling for their shape-wear to ensure my slip dresses are seam free. We’ve all been there when no matter what pair of underwear you try, annoyingly it still leaves lines and unwanted bulges, well Heist and their shape-wear have the answer. Just like their tights, they’re breathable, seam-free and supportive, as well as coming in a range of tones. Stock up and never have one of those ‘I cant wear that dress because you can see everything’ moments again.