She’s finally here! W240 x H76 x D92cm, and perfect! The new focal point of all my images, the colour pallet ruler for years to come, my safe place when I get to relax (obviously with a couple of blankets down first for protection). Kindly gifted from the babes at Habitat, I saw this sage green, velvet sofa back in the Summer, and yes we ordered it back then thinking I would be moving sooner than later, but as we all know, plans never go plan. Anyways fast forward 6 or so months and we’re in! And she’s here, and it’s perfect.


I picked this style, the ‘Hendricks’ because of it’s retro shape, low but wide and deep, with hard edges. When dressing a new place I always start with the sofa, because for me it’s the focal point, and I knew I wanted to go for a vintage retro style with our new place. Really minimalistic and clean, pieces that could be years old.

I instantly fell in love with the style so quickly requested a few fabric swatches from Habitat. Luckily I had months to decide, but I was pretty fixated on the sage straight away. A colour that is very ‘in’ at the moment, and can look really expensive. It’s also one which is complimented by a load of other tones, so I knew I could play around with the room if I got a little bored in a few years. I also loved the velvet texture, and with my last one being velvet I knew what to expect.


You should always measure before you buy! And obviously I didn’t… You need to know that the sofa will fit through any doors, windows, walkways that you need it to go past to get to the right room. Front gates, stairs, this all comes into the equation on that big day when she arrives, and you then cry because you forgot – thank goodness for my lovely builders who ended up carrying our 4 seat sofa through a neighbours house, and then through gardens, on roofs – it was that ‘pivot’ moment from Friends!