I’ve tried on sooo many pairs of the leather trousers this season, I mean when looking for a pair of real leather ones, the need for the perfect fit is raised to match that eye-watering price tag. If I’m completely honest, it’s actually been a search I’ve been on for a few years now, and today I finally completed it!

I’m 5’1, so the lenght of not only the leg (well they can be shortened so that’s not an issue) but it’s mainly the lenght of the rise. Being petite also means that my body is shorter (obviously) so I need a pair that sit on my waist not my boobs. Additionally a fitted waist, curve on the bum, fitted thighs but straight leg, and a leather that’s stiff enough to hold it’s shape but soft enough to mould to my body, was all on the checklist.

After what seemed like endless deliveries of leather (I’m a sucker for next day/same day delivery) I finally found the pair I really wanted in the sale. By my favourite jean brand, Re/done, these leathers are now half price on 24S, and are exactly the same as the jeans I’ve been wearing for the past two years, ticking off every point on my list.

Knowing I should of just tried them to begin with, however that 50% discount has never felt so good. I mean it’s so much money still but I was ready for the real deal, I know I’ll wear these for years and years to come now. However if you’re new to the style, starting at the lower price point to test drive them is a great idea there are some incredible imitation versions which look amazing on. See below for my edit of the best real and imitation leathers.