Floral linen table cloth

After almost a year of intense adulting, we’re finally in, settled, and well and truly in love with our humble South London flat. Having spoken a few times about my obsession with interiors, having a blank canvas to work on has been incredible! I see home dressing just like fashion, I want it to be a reflection of our personalities, somewhere we can entertain our friends in all year round, whilst still keeping it cosy and almost sanctuary like. This home is our hideaway from the hustle and bustle of busy London life.

Floral linen table cloth | Floral linen napkins | Bowls | Glasses | Cutlery |Water jug | Storage glass jar

Once the big furniture was in (I’ll be doing a post on furniture soon), it was time to add the soft furnishings, bringing real character to our open plan living room.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Zara Home, minimal and chic while at a reasonable price, just like their fashion sister label. And with the new flat I knew I had to team up with them as they’re SS20 collection is everything I had envisioned for our dream home.

I’m keeping our place very paired back, bold furniture against blank white walls with a neutral colour scheme throughout. It’s then with the help of Zara Home that I’ve been able to really bring in more detailed styling. Keeping a theme of vintage retro, I’ve gone for wooden accessories and linen table clothes. To go with the floral linen sheet I’ve also got the napkins to match – super boujee and I cant wait to get them out for our first dinner party!

Cardigan | Linen dress | Linen cushions |

Keeping our old dinner-set (which was also from Zara Home) as I’m still head over heels for it, but I’m mix and matching a few new pieces into it. I love it when the plates/bowls/side places don’t all match exactly, but instead they cleverly compliment each other. I’ve gone for big concrete style bowls, with black cutlery – I know black cutlery sounds strange, but it looks so chic!

I’m super particular about glassware, I like there to be an option for every occasion, and for water glasses I love the lined glass. It adds a little texture to the table, especially if the table cloths a blocked colour (I’ve got my eye on the terracotta colour one next). I was also super excited to get a water jug, simple and retro looking it makes me feel really grown up when it’s on the table haha.

Serving dish | Glass storage jars | Raffia trivet

I’m obsessed with the glass and wooden top storage jars, I’ve filled them with dry pastas and tea/coffee. This style also comes in a leftovers container which is also on my list to buy.

The concrete style dish matches the bowls so they look really nice on the table so people can self-serve. With them also being oven safe I use the woven donut trivet to make sure the heat doesn’t damage the table.

Linen lounge set | Slippers

It just didn’t feel right to eat my breakfast on a Sunday with such chic table-wear while in my old grey tracksuit. I needed linen, and of course Zara Home have a collection of loungewear to match your new Spring interiors. These pieces are worthy of all day wearing, which is a complete dream to me as I work from home. The white linen set is my favourite at the moment, it’s very ‘now’ right now with the billowed sleeve. Their linen dresses are also heaven to wear, super light and airy.

Having only been in our new home for a month, it’s no where near finished, but with the little soft furnishings we now have it still feels cosy. The pieces I’ve got so far will be ones I’ll keep forever, yes I might put a few pieces away and change them around for different seasons, but that’s the beauty of it. Minimal items give you that freedom to change the vibe when needed.

The Zara Home obsession has continued throughout the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, so I’ll be writing and take pictures of all very soon!