We’ve all listened well, and have washed our hands over and over again, and that’s great! But now our hands are sore, and dry, and not looking so bright. So we now need to turn this into a double step; wash and moisturise. And to make sure we’re buying only the best in this very uncertain time, I’ve asked my most favourite and trusted beauty insiders what hand moisturisers they recommend.

Saintly Skin

A total babe, and one I often message early in the morning in sheer panic after picking my face to death. Frederika Van Hagen is knowledgeable, down to earth and trustworthy – all the things you need in a beauty adviser. Frederika’s must have is the Byredo Eleventh Hour Cream. Not only does it look chic on her office table but it keeps her hands moisturised for hours on end.

Charlotte Connoley

I met Charlotte a few weeks ago at Skin Works – she’s new to the team and offers her signature face sculpting every Tuesday. Her extremely in demand as you can imagine so as soon as life is back to normal I would recommend getting an appointment in there asap. She’s the one who reminded my cheekbones where they should be sitting. Currently Charlotte is jumping between two of her favourites, one being the Chanel Le Lift La Crème Main, which is also my go to. Her other favourite is a high-street hero – Bert’s Bees Hemp Hand Cream.

Emma Hoareau

Photographer, blogger, consultant and skincare guru Emma Hoareau, fills her instagram with true tried and tested beauty products, which makes her the ultimate go to when in search of a pretty new cream. Emma swears by L’occitane Shea Butter, ‘it’s a thick cream but never felt tacky on the skin, I’ve used it for years.’

Kirsty Dale

Beauty Director Kirsty was one I was dying to ask the question too. Obviously insanely passionate about beauty, but Kirsty is also truly trusted within the fashion and beauty industry. A woman who’s out there to help other women to become and feel like the best versions of themselves, she has an on going set of tricks up her sleeve, which I am determined to find out one day at a time. Regarding hand cream, Kirsty loves Balance Me – Super Moisturising Hand Cream, and Aurelia – Probiotic Skincare Repair & Brightening Hand Cream. Kirsty learnt early on how to apply – ‘bring to my face, close my eyes and breathe in for a mini minute destress – both absorb super quickly as I just never have anytime to wait!’ But in true beauty goddess form, Kirsty finishes off with the fact that she is also know for rubbing a tiny bit of olive oil on the back of her hands/nails while cooking!

Emma Tillman

Pro make up artist Emma – the woman who I trust to do my face for my wedding day, (which says it all!) recommends Estee Lauder’s Re-Nutriv Hand Cream. ‘It’s really rich and is designed to withstand multiple hand washes so you don’t have yo reapply every time!’ — the dream!