I’ve done this for 5 years now, and really the only way to keep sane and proactive while working from home is to keep a routine. Yes you still need an alarm, because staying in bed all day just isn’t great for your mental health. So with the World suddenly being thrown into this new working style for the next (possible) weeks/months, I thought I would share how I’ve been doing it for the last 4 years (the first yeah I was a slob and it wasn’t great).

  • Alarm – You still need it, just as if you were heading into an office -keep that time. Mine goes off at 6:30am everyday. Sometimes my body now just wakes up before which is the best feeling.
  • Personally I use the next hour to try and get on top of emails before the rest of the world does, it makes me feel really proactive and then I can take a little time out to do other things if needed later.
  • Also note if it’s possible, try not to sit on the sofa. I had to at my old place as that was our only seating area, but if you can create a mini office at the dining/kitchen table or even drag a desk to a window that will become your office, and help to separate work and home life a little better. I try not to actually sit on my sofa till the evening.
  • Around 9ish I then work out. I find it incredibly important for my mental health and especially with working from home I don’t actually get that many steps in, so I need to sweat for a hour or so a day to make sure I’m keeping fit and healthy. With the isolation that’s going on it makes it a little harder but go change into your favourite gym kit (I’ll do a shopping post later), push your furniture to one side and put on your favourite up beat music. The instructors at Kobox all have their own personal accounts and are starting to upload at home work outs which I’m so happy about! I have a few work out bands and weights at home to use as most of the exercises are floor/weights stuff. But if you don’t, just grab what you can – yesterday I used tinned cans.
  • Shower – this may sound obvious haha, but you can quickly fall into a spiral of bad hygiene because you’re at home and no one can see, but it’s more important now than ever.
  • Get dressed – The most important point! This completely lifts my mood instantly. I mean why have all those beautiful clothes and not wear them?! I only really buy clothes I’m comfortable in, so I grab one of my dresses I’m feeling that day – the tracksuits are saved for days I’m not feeling well, because sometimes we all need a little comfort but I would advise dressing up! Also when it comes to FaceTime/Skype meetings, or even when someone would just pop by, I’m always presentable.
  • Beauty – A quick brush of the hair; at the moment I’m really into tying my hair on a tight low bun when wet, feels really clean and chic. Also make sure you’re still getting your skin regime in, this is the time to lay it on and you have the time to let them all sink in too. If you’re lucky enough to have an LED mask or something similar, throw that on judgement free.
  • Tv is just for lunch time, yes I give myself normally a 20 minute lunchtime where I pop on the tv to watch a quick Will & Grace episode while I eat. After that the tv’s off and I’m back in my ‘office’ with Magic FM on the radio – I find it super relaxing, otherwise it’s a little strange when theres no noise at all. We all need a little background noise.
  • Leave the house for 20 minutes – I would then go and do my errands, maybe run to the post office or go to the shops to grab dinner. Obviously at this strange time its a little harder, but if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, go stand outside for a little. Otherwise make a tea and take a few minutes to daze out of an opened window, we all need a break every now and then, and sunlight where we can grab it is key.
  • Clock off – I’m guilty of working over traditional hours, but if you can, try and leave your new desk at the end of your usual work day and enjoying the evening on the sofa, with wine. It’s really important to feel like you’ve gone to work and been proactive with your day but you also need to turn off and enjoy life. Talk to people at home, call family, FaceTime, catch up on The Split/Love Is Blind.