I’ve had so many questions on what products I’m using while working from home, and honestly it’s pretty basic. While we’re lucky enough to keep safe in our own homes, let’s take this time to nourish ourselves, and really let our face breathe. That being said it does make a difference to your mental health to have a routine, and to feel like you’re getting up and ready for a full days work, so here’s the 3 things I do to make me feel together and ready for working at home, and for that odd impromptu Houseparty call.


At the moment I’m really into to a wet low bun. It makes me feel clean, sleek, and put together for the day. Plus it cuts out all that time of dying and styling.

When wet I comb in Sassoon’s Halo Hydrate, from roots too ends. I’ve been doing this for years and it really helps to rehydrate my hair from the damage of styling. It also helps to keep my bun sleek, holding down those whispy odds that might make you feel a little undone.


If there’s only one thing I put on my face everyday, whether leaving the house or not, its SPF. I suffer with scarring a lot because of the amount of pigment I have in my skin, so protecting it from the sun is key. At the moment I’ve been using Estée Lauder’s new Protectionist Pro SPF 50. It’s light gel formula doesn’t leave my skin purple like some other SPF’s can. And I can add other creams and make up if I wanted to without it feeling heavy.


While working from home I rarely wear make up, it’s my time to let my face breathe. Yes there will be those odd times I do because every now and then, as we all need a little pick me up. But on a normal day to day basis I’ll do nothing but a bit of Glossier’s Boy Brow, my current choice of eyebrow gel. I’ve tried almost every eyebrow gel out there and this is one of my absolute favourites! My main issue was finding one that keeps them up and feathered all day long, and this one does!