I love a simple long linen dress, it’s comfy, chic, and can become an anything/anywhere dress. Worn with trainers and an open checked shirt to run to the shops, summer days in the garden over the bbq. And then dressed up with a little kitten heel and hoops for those date nights.

The fabric is flattering and breathable, something that I’m comfortable in all day, even when sat the breakfast bar writing for hours on end – only moving to grab something from the fridge. In these times we want to buy clever, and simple dresses like these are ones that you’ll end up wearing again and again for years to come.

I sometimes look at it this way; I have to be in the right mood to wear a lot of my printed/more out there dresses, but with the simple more basic ones their mood-less. They become what I’m feeling like on that day instead of dictating who I’m to be that day.

Honestly, I’ve never regretted buying a simple linen dress, their the ones I always lean towards the most.