I’m a minimalist, I think less is more, simple is best. I remove one of the two accessories I added before I leave the house, and always migrate to those super fluid shapes and muted tones. I know that’s my style, and it makes me feel good so why change it right?

Well that’s because adding colour isn’t changing my style, it’s just evolving it. Some colours can work perfectly into a simple wardrobe, even complimenting the minimalism of it. After my ‘orange week’, I realised that colour was what I had been missing. That pure block of sunshine to lift those whites and beiges all of a sudden completely revamped my style, and the way I looked at the pieces in my wardrobe. Also keeping it as a block colour still keeps it clean.

What I think is key is to find those flashes of colour which suit your skin tone. I know I love orange, it lifts my skin tone and my mood. Yellow is another favourite, although I can do neon orange, neon yellow is too out there for me – know your limits. This still needs to feel natural, and like I always say, when you know and you invest in a piece that you can wear again and again or the rest of your life, that is clever shopping, that is the way we can make our shopping habit a little more sustainable.