We’ve been in our new flat for 4 months now and it’s really starting to feel like us. After almost of year of Pinterest searches into the early hours, creating inspo slides of every corner of the flat, and requesting every sample possible, by the time we finally got our hands on the keys, we knew exactly how we wanted this place to look.

I always start with a focal part for a room, and for the bedroom it was definitely the bed. I had seen this rattan beauty from John Lewis last summer, when they launched the style in all neutral. Rattan is a huge focus for this flat, the texture, tone, vibe. Not only is this our home, but also my working space, my office, my studio. So we wanted it to be as zen as possible. Light, fluid, calming. And the furniture is what give’s the white walls this vibe.

What I didn’t plan was that the neutral finish would be out of stock, and although I vowed to never buy anything out of panic, I needed a bed! Thankfully it was actually a better decision than the original, the black frame tied in with the bio-folding doors, and give’s a bare room more grounding. H&M have also brought out a home collection full of black framed rattan furniture which matches perfectly! Although those lighter price point items might not last as long, the bench is a great addition for now, and extremely practical! We used it a lot around the dinning table when we were waiting for the rest of the chairs, and it doubles up as a little coffee table when needed.

With the rest of the room still taking shape – we need to have wardrobe doors made/repaint the walls/hang up artwork etc. I’ve simply enjoyed dressing the room differently with the bedsheets. Obviously favouriting white linen, but really starting to enjoy summer yellow and that gorgeous khaki green. John Lewis, La Redoute, Zara Home & Tekla Fabrics all do incredible sheets which I currently have in rotation.