This post is to basically say that no matter what height you are, if you want to wearing oversized clothing you can! The trick to this is in the proportions, the cut offs, and the style. I’m 5’1, and I love oversized clothing. I find it chic, flattering and effortless.

The way that I do this is pretty simple, for one I don’t care what people think. If I want to wear something and I feel good, I’ll wear it. Confidence shines through, and it’s probably the most powerful styling tool. Secondly, if I’ve doubling up on oversized items, I’ll keep the look really minimal. No prints or frills. This look needs to be classic and sleek. Thirdly I work out the proportions for my shape and height, and I’m currently into skirts and dresses which skim just at the ankle. The tops are either big and cropped (or tucked to create that higher connect) or big again but much longer, so it covers my bum. I always go for a flat shoe, and I find that a chunky sole balances out an oversized top half. Also if it’s a tonal look it will make the outfit look a little more fluid.

For anyone not quite sure about this yet, I would recommend starting with an oversized open shirt. Underneath you could team it with a fitted ribbed vest tucked into your midi skirt or oversized tailored trousers. It will give you the illusion of that double oversized style still but with a more fitted focal point.

Below I’ve made an edit of oversized outfits based on today look, enjoy!