We luckily moved into our place in December, and nesting here has been a very slow but enjoyable process. The slowness is on purpose, as I vowed this time to never buy just to save time, I’ve found that route has wasted a lot of money in the past, and I want this flat to be a little more timeless, one I could pick up and slot into the next place whenever that may be.

That being said, I’ve been using my time recently to concentrate more on the interiors, having spent almost a year pulling ideas and inspo, I now know exactly what I want, it’s just time to find it.

Currently my living room space is still minimal, but functional. We now have all the big pieces, and I’m loving it.


I’ve been bought up to know that the tv isn’t pretty, it’s not a feature and the more you can hide it the better. But why? Most of us have one, and use it daily. The furniture more often than not faces towards it – because no one is going to keep moving the sofa every time they want to catch up on their favourite Netflix series. So I think it’s time to embrace the tv, why not!

We actually needed a new tv when we moved, so I bought this Samsung Smart TV from John Lewis. Nothing groundbreaking about it, but the design is super delicate and chic and the screen is incredibly slim. It fits perfectly for the paired back vibe I’m going for. Then to hold the tv as I didn’t want to mount it on the wall, just like fashion, interior style all comes back in and now its all about the units. Although this time round we’re calling them sideboards instead.

This sideboard is from and it embodies vintage retro vibe I’m titled on all of my inspo boards. It’s a heavy piece of furniture, one that I’ve kept clean with wood polish only. Also the storage is a bonus!


I’ve previously done a post on the sofa here, but just as a quick round up, it’s from Habitat. A 4 seater velvet beauty in sage green. I chose it before we had even moved in and had to beg our builders to help me get it in through a neighbours front door and garden as ours was too narrow. So always measure the doors as well as the sofa space!


I think in my last place I bought way too much stuff. I just kept seeing new designs and thought I needed them, and then I ended up with like 4 lamps and I hated them all! So this time I’ve really thought it through, and I’ve gone for vintage. The cream mushroom lamp is an Italian vintage Murano lamp, and it was sourced for me by the babes at MillieFioro Interior, a company I found on instagram. Yes it’s expensive (I think it was around £400) but it’s a piece I will now have forever.


Another vintage piece, it was sourced by Soho Home – they have their own collections but also a vintage section on their site with beauties their buyers have found from all around the world. It’s the only piece I really wanted to bring with me from the old flat, and I know I will have it for as long as it stays together – its a little fragile now. This is the one main piece that I designed the rest of the living room around.


Majority of messages I get are on that Matilda Goad Clam Shell. A piece which was kindly bought for me from my lovely family as a housewarming present – I was not subtle with my hints. It’s the perfect sculpture/functioning piece which you can really add too to create a bit of warmth within the room. I love filling it with lemons or oranges for a burst of colour.