I’m a real sucker for a gadget, and I don’t care how weird they look. I’m on the hunt for perfect skin (like we all are) and I will try it all until I find the perfect match for me. The goal is to carry on this au naturel face, out in the open when life goes back to it’s ‘new normal’. I want my face to glow, and for when people ask what foundation I’m wearing, I can glow more when I smuggly tell them it’s just me. (Plus highlighter, eyebrow pencil, gel, lipstick, and blusher).

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been saying yes to all the gadgets, trialing them, deciding if they’re the best for my needs and if they actually work. Sometimes we want things to work so bad that we trick ourselves into thinking they are, but it’s pretty pointless and with the temperature outside heating up we don’t have much time.

So, my skin concerns: I need to make sure my skin is kept clean. I live in London, and with the pollution here it’s not great for my pours. I also find that my skin can also look dull and dehydrated. My skin also scars instantly at the sign of a blemish because of all the pigment I have. These have always been ongoing skin worries for me, and the level of care needed has increased as the years have go on. Being in my early 30’s I need to really preserve what I have and try to keep on top of it. That being said, I write this will a smile, having come across we few gems that I’m very excited to tell you about….

Sarah Chapman – Hydro Facial Steamer

When I first used this I had instant flashbacks of my mum doing this with a bowl of boiling water and a towel when I was a child. It’s a treatment which has been going on in homes all over the worlds for generations, and Sarah Chapman has just amplified it. Bringing salon levels to your living room, this compact steamer declogs pores and removes dead cells leaving behind a brighter complexion. The steam helps to moisturise the skin, leaving it plump and tight – I love that feeling! I became hooked from the first go, after instantly seeing a difference.

This is the type of thing I’ll try to go 2/3 times a week, followed by a sheet mask to lock everything in.

Foreo UFO

Honestly, I had no idea what this was or how to use it. But after a quick youtube search, I worked out that I needed to download an app, and that this was the ultimate face mask, having you bright and ready in 90 seconds. YES 90 SECONDS.

Adding a mask of your choice to the palm sized gadget, the app then glides you through the 90 seconds, telling you exactly what’s happening. With a mixture of heating, cooling, vibrations and light, this is a rollercoaster of beauty emotions, which is over just as quickly as it started.

What’s left is plump, radiant skin, and the entire day to get on with. Personally with other masks, I never knew if I was leaving them on for the right amount of time, and I’d often get agitated with them sliding down my face. This way I knew exactly what was happening, and it was done at the speed of a flashing blue light.

Sarah Chapman The Facial Lift

Another item I had no idea I needed so much! This gadget is simple, but effective and satisfying. Pushing this along your jawline and cheekbones helps to drain toxins and decrease puffiness, while also fighting breakouts and leaving brighter skin and tighter facial muscles. Like having an actual facial workout but while in your pj’s watching Killing Eve.


This was the real game changer, the one that’s helped with scaring like no other – the derma-roller. After calling my pal Frederika at Saintly Skin and moaning about these long lasting marks, she recommend a 0.5 roller. Instructing me to gently glide it around my face twice a week, followed by a hydrating serum (I use Sarah Chapman’s Hydrating Booster) to penetrate those fresh wounds made.

What it’s exactly doing is creating trauma to the skin from the micro channels created with the needles on the roller. This generates more collagen and fresh skin tissue, breaking down scaring and filling fine lines. It’s also pretty satisfying, knowing that you’re doing a little damage to your face, to do some good – weird I know.

I bought the Olivier Wilson roller which has sadly sold out, but this one by Swiss Clinic should fill that hole.

Dr Dennis Gross SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

This is the one gadget I receive the most questions about – The Dr Dennis light mask. It promises to give salon worthy light treatments from the comfort of your own home. With two functions; the LED RED light to encourage collagen to create plumper and firmer skin, while the BLUE light tackles bacteria preventing outbreaks.

Before investing in this, I already knew that I loved light therapy. I’ve been going to Skin Laundry for years now, and they do a mix of laser and light which does wonders for my scaring. But I wanted something to get for in-between appointments, and to use while traveling.

To answer you questions, yes this does work, but you need to have a full on routine to see results. When I used this here and there it didn’t do much, but combined with the steamer, micro-needling, and hydrating masks, then the SpectraLite really comes to life. The light helps to brighten my skin, and tackle those pesky scars. Although nothing really compares to salon light treatments, this gadget is a great one for in-between appointments, and perfect right now while on lockdown.