Personally I like to invest in pieces that will last a lifetime, and sometimes that means spending a little more money on them, to ensure that the quality is there to last. I also never save anything for best, as I think we should enjoy our clothes, otherwise why buy them? So that means enjoying those pieces whether in quarantine or not, with either wine or water in hand! But if you care for your clothes with the right products, theres no reason why you shouldnt enjoy them.

So after my fair share of red wine spills, grass stains and mouth missed food, I knew I needed to figure out how to keep my items going without spending a fortune on dry-cleaning bills. I needed a way to enjoy wearing them weekly without the fear of completely ruining them before their time. Enter my new wardrobe protectors:


A brand created by a couple during their studies at university, after they found a gap in the market for natural products to care for your shoes, garments, home and more. 

Attirecare is eco-friendly and full of natural ingredients. Ranging from particular needs like the Red Wine Remover and Denim Spray, to a Fabric Protector and Clean Home all in one. They have also worked hard to create beautiful smells for each product, as ‘why should household products all smell SO artificial!’

This brand has an exact purpose for each item, and if you’re anything like me their ‘Red Wine Remover’ will become your new best friend. So wear that favourite dress, grab a glass and enjoy.

Steamery Stockholm

I love this brand! Not only are their products chic and compact, but they work! To help keep old knits and coats look smooth and new, their de-bobbler is your go to. It instantly freshens the look of those heavier items which can collect fibres on the surface. I’ve noticed a lot of bobbling on jumpers where my bag might sit and rub. So instead of accepting defeat and throwing the top away, I’ve used the Pilo Fabric Shaver and it’s made them look brand new again! It’s also instantly satisfying.

I can’t mention Steamery and not talk about their cult steamer! The Cirrus No.2 Steamer is chic, compact, and it works! First of all I have to state that in no way is this a replacement for an iron. The steamer won’t give you that crisp finish on heavy fabrics like a thick linen etc, but for those light summer dresses it’s a dream! At the moment I’m getting my sage green one out every morning to give my dress for that day a quick go over. It can also make items feel a little more refreshed too, meaning less washing so your clothes last longer, and it’s way more eco savvy than a washing machine.

LG Styler

This is the big one, the ultimate investment, here for those who really want to go that extra mile. Finally now available in the UK via John Lewis, it’s the ultimate garment refresher, perfect for those summer dresses which are ‘dry clean only’. This machine wont get out any stains, but for freshness (which is most of the time all our items need) it’s a dream. Again, this way you’re washing your clothes less, so making them last longer.

It might not look obvious, but the LG Styler is also more eco-friendly than using a dry cleaners or washing machine. Due to a tiny water compartment in it which you have to fill up and empty every now and then. So it uses a lot less water than other systems do.

What’s even more important and relevant right now is that it has a sanitise mode, which we’ve been using a lot of at the moment. As soon as ether of us get in from a food run we’ll throw our coats and shoes in there to make sure we’re not carrying anything in or spreading. And for those with children, this the perfect germ killer for all toys, bedding etc.