I’ve been embracing new shapes this year, one’s I’ve always wanted to conquer but didn’t quite know how, until today that is. Yes at 5’1, I can say that I am now 100% in love with oversized tailored trousers, and it all comes dow to a few crafty styling tricks.

There really shouldn’t be a style out there that you cant do, no matter what shape or size, I think it’s purely down to finding the right proportions. At 5’1 I know that I need them to nip in at my waist. I’ve also worked out that I need to have something tucked in or cropped on top, so as long as I’m giving myself some shape via the waist, the legs can be a loose as I want. Also funnily enough I’ve found that that style works better with flats, not only does it have that cooler laid back style, but it balances out my proportions better – win win.

If they have an oversized leg I would need to crop them, like I did to these H&M ones. (Sadly they sold out soon after the Studio collection was released this year!)

For those tall beauties, you can wear any style of tailored trousers! But for the shorties if you still wanted to do full lenght (like I’m going to do once my new pair arrive) I would say to keep the leg straight instead of wide. It’s a subtle difference but the proportions will work better.

Below is a little edit of the best 8 I’ve found online. A mix of highstreet and highend like always.