Bowl – Matilda Goad

One of the reasons why I keep my home so minimal is because it’s then easy to change the vibe with a few soft furnishings. A different vase, blanket, or a few coloured glasses can all completely change the energy of your chosen room.

A few pieces I have already invested in for the new flat, have been incredible new additions, like the Matilda Goad shell and the Zara Home glass/wood vase (two of the items I’m asked the most about). These pieces work well because they allow me to move through the seasons, depending on what I display in them, i.e the type of fruit or flower.

I also find that blankets help to warm up a room very quickly, and coloured glassware help to bring a more ‘homey’ vibe. While I still tend to keep my accessories within a neutral pallet, I’m finding myself going back to those coloured tumblers, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to give in soon.

For those also looking to spice up your living room a little, below is a quick edit I’ve made of 12 pieces I’m lusting over at the moment.