Sportsbra – Girlfriend Collective
Leggings – Lululemon

I was a need of a workout wardrobe refresh, not only because my old ones were fraying at the seams, but because I also needed something new to keep me motivated.

Yes I’m one of those people who jump out of bed with a little more of a spring in my step when I know I’m going to put something on which makes me feel good, and that feeling isn’t just reserved for dresses. Feeling good in what you work out in is just as important. You want to feel that your body is supported in the right areas, and that you’re wearing items that work for your body and make you feel good. Especially as we’re now 4 months into our new normal, working from home has become a new routine for a lot of us, and personally I needed something new to give me a little push to work out today.

Just like my daily looks, I like to keep my workout wardrobe very minimal, lots of simple sports bra’s and black or navy leggings – all things that I can effortlessly mix and match together.

Below is an updated version of my latest workout styles, and also a few pieces currently on my wish list.