Shirt – Christopher Esber
Skirt – Prada
Shoes – The Row

Over the last few years espeacilly, I’ve really come to the chicness of an all black (and sometimes white) outfit. For years I’d heard people say talk about their all black wardrobe, or that they felt at their best in all black. And although I agreed that yes a black dress is flattering and chic, I wondered about all those other beautiful colours, and that if they really did have an all black wardrobe, could it still work when it came to summer.

Flash forward a few years, and now firmly in my 30’s, I’ve realised the power of black clothing. A black dress can be timeless, effortless, and suited for almost every situation. From the office to the pub, there’s never a moment a black item of clothing will look out of place. Not only is it flattering, but it also holds a lot of power. A black outfit makes me feel put together and fierce, and sometimes you need that.

Over the last few weeks I’ve also realised that you can carry this through to those summer months. Black clothing is not just for long sleeved dresses and overcoats, a good black summer dress can last you a lifetime. The colour is never going to go out, and it most likely will become your safety blanket, the one you know you can throw on for that last minute invite and feel great. My only advice would be to keep the style simple, something that you will want to wear for the rest of your life, in a well thought out material, that’s where clear shopping comes into it. Spending a little more, to get a lifetime of wear out of it.

With the summer weeks rolling on, I’ve created an edit below of chic black dresses and tops to keep you looking polished in the sun (each year).