This week we welcomed a new addition to our London flat, a three-seater linen sofa from I’ve wanted a sofa as simple and chic as this for years but just hadn’t come across the right one/I was too nervous that I would ruin it. But after months of deliberation I decided that I was adult enough to take the plunge – and of course cover it with blankets whenever we wanted to sit on it.

With the sage green velvet sofa now in the spare room/office, the living room is a completely neutral space, making my working/living area feel even more zen, which was my aim with this flat. I want to feel at complete ease when I’m at home, my little safe haven, and the new sofa completely adds to that relaxed feel.

We went for a slightly off white tone, in Alabaster which is a brushed linen cotton. Soft and comfortable, plus the slight warmth in the colour makes me feel less worried about marking it. I also went for the Isaac because it has that relaxed beach house vibe. Something I could imagine seeing in an open plan villa in Barbados or Australia. It doesn’t matter if the cushions aren’t plumped perfectly, it’s meant to look lived in, and it suits my fuss-free, minimal home style. It also looks great with linen blankets layered over, so I’ll be investing in a few new ones when the winter months get closer. Plus the matching footstool is on it’s way! I’ve never been one for a footstool of any type, but when in a neutral linen its automatically chic, especially in that basic box structure.

The only really problem I’ve found this week is that I’ve started move onto the sofa with my laptop instead of the kitchen table, which is a slippery slope to a full day of binging on Real Housewives and Greys Anatomy. But the evenings with open doors and a wine in hand have become even more dreamier!

For anyone considering a new sofa I would just say to check the measurements first, especially of any doors/hallways the sofa will need to get through. This was another piece our kind builders had to bring through another house and over the garden fence – yes everything now in here will never be able to leave. Order lots of samples first, I think I ordered every neutral tone they had. Also if looking at this shape, know that the covers are removable!!! So if anything does get dropped on it there’s still a chance to save it unlike most sofas.