When growing up, nor me or my family knew the importance of SPF. I think it was mainly due to the lack of information and education out there, but also the lack of BAME friendly products. While we always took and applied SPF when on holiday, the white creams often left a purple/grey/ashy sheen, particularly with myself as my skin is a lot darker than my sisters. I know that the coverage is there to protect you, but this is not something you really want when trying to enjoy your holiday in your fav bikini.

As the years went on and as I hit my mid 20’s I realised that the amount of make up I was wearing was purely down to scar covering. With the amount of pigment in my skin, I find that the tiniest spot/scratch will leave a mark, and it will stay there for months. This hasn’t changed, and although I consider myself to have really got my skincare routine down this year, the odd spot will still appear. However, I have now found a way to reduce this, and it is simply by using a good face SPF.

Estee Lauder’s Profectionist Pro SPF 50 was the absolute game changer for me. The light gel formula drys clear on my skin – something that I have never had, especially from such a high factor. I wear it everyday, even when only staying indoors. Layered with my creams and serums, this is the last product I put on, unless then moving onto make-up. However this product has really changed the way I now look at my skincare/make up routine. This year I started the my journey for clearer skin, in hopes of being able to then embrace the more natural make up look, using products to enhance instead of covering. While other products have their part in my more even skin tone, I believe that the main factor is down to being relentless with this SPF. Spots still come and scars still annoy me, but it has been dramatically reduced due to the protection I now give my face from the sun. By reducing the exposure to UV rays with wearing SPF, it’s decreases the amount of melanin forming in my skin and darkening broken areas. It sounds so simple and straight forward, but finding the right type of product for my skin tone was extremely difficult, and now I’ve found this I’ll never be without! My next step on this journey is to find the right SPF for my body.

I’ve perviously written about my working from home beauty routine, and it’s still the same. This is product my ultimate must have, protecting you from UVA/UVB, pollution and dehydration, this gel quickly sells out once restocked, so make sure you sign up to be notified on it’s return.