I love buying something new for a holiday. That feeling of pulling off the tag, knowing that you’re going to feel absolutely amazing in it while walking down to the pool. That feeling never gets old, and I’m definitely there at the front saying I get that! But now, more than ever we need to be a little cleverer with our buys. Gone are the days of fast fashion, wear once or twice or three times and then it falls apart. And while people are starting to come around to the idea of using the ‘forever pieces’ mantra while in normal day to day life styling, sometimes we forget that we can actually do the same with our holiday gear.

At the beginning of the month I was lucky enough to travel to Positano – absolutely breathtaking, if you haven’t been add it to your list! When packing for this I did order two new cover ups, both by Caravana, a sustainable brand which is now stocked at Net-a-porter and part of their NetSustain group. I’ve had my eyes on these pieces for years after wondering into their store in Mykonos one year, so I was very excited to see that they finally had a UK stockiest. Their designs are so organic looking and effortless, timeless pieces that can grow with you, and thats exactly why I bought them. I will use these time after time, every-time I go abroad, as I have done with the rest of my holiday wardrobe. Out came the ultra light silk dresses, basket bags, flip flops and Hunza G swimsuits that I pack everytime. I invest in pieces to wear again and again and I still get that incredible feeling – but this time from knowing I’m wearing timeless/ageless pieces that work for me and my needs.

To help those who are luckily enough to be heading off to sun (just as I think our UK summer might be ending), with Net-A-Porter I’ve created an edit below of holiday staples to pack year after year.