Following on from my obsession this summer with oversized linen shirts, I’m now moving the look into Autumn/Winter via checks/tartan/plaid.

When finding the right shirt I think it’s totally personal. How big do you like your checks? What tone? Are you into traditional reds or do you lean towards a more muted tone? Then comes the fit; long, cropped, oversized. Clear cut or frayed? Yes a checked shirt can say a lot about you, and bought well it can last you a lifetime.

For me I like a long length, oversized, soft flannel material shirt. And when it comes to colours I don’t like them to be too bright – I want it to already have that worn in vintage vibe. Which is probably why I went for the R13 one I’m wearing today.

I love this particular style because This look is meant to be effortless, and it is. Thrown on with a pair of straight cut jeans, clumpy boots and a big quilted coat – this is comfortable fashion, my fav!