Shopping for wardrobe staples is my favourite type of shopping. I think it’s because I know I’ll be wearing that item over and over again, and when you love a piece that much it kind of becomes your uniform, a look which quickly resembles you, and that’s exciting to me.

In the last few years I’ve made a real effort to cut down on what I buy and only invest in those forever pieces to create a working wardrobe to last, and I’m slowly getting there. Like I said, those pieces start to become like your own personal uniform as you start to define your style and work out what is worth investing in for you, and what isn’t.

When styling a staple wardrobe for someone, there are a few must haves which I think should be the investment pieces. These are the pieces to spend a little more money on because you will be wearing them the most, they will mix and match with everything else you have, and if designed for seasons, you’ll unpack them at the same time each year. So this post with Net-A-Porter, is to show you the perfect wardrobe staples formula.

So when looking for staples, I would start with the coat. This is the showstopper no matter what’s underneath. The coat will take the limelight always, so it needs to be a wow piece, but that doesn’t mean it has to be loud. Some of my most loved pieces are the simple ones. Block shaped, black, beige or brown, and long. This combo seems to be the one that will go with the most too, and you need that. Gone are the days of ‘arghhh I’ve finally picked a dress but I don’t have a coat to go with it’. It’s now clever shopping time. Remember simple is beautiful, and timeless.

After that I then go onto the shoes. With the events from this year, I think it’s changed the way people see dressing up, or evening going out. Now casual is accepted (as it should always have been in my eyes) day to night no matter what the plans, because let’s face it no one’s out after 10pm anyway. So flat boots are the shoes to invest in this season. A good chunky pair to edge up any look, anytime. This is the year of the comfortable, empowered woman who doesn’t need to wear heels to be dressed.

During winter I live in jeans, so last year I decided to invest in a pair of matte leather trousers, and I wore them non-stop! Having a different texture to mix and match with my other basics was a game changer. With a long-sleeved top – mainly then ones by James Perse, this quickly became my look, and I’ve been just as excited to throw on the look this year. This plus a simple leather bag, are the pieces which will work the hardest throughout the next few months. They will go with everything, as well as becoming the foundation for most.