I always remember this one comment someone left on my social, based along the lines of them being bored having seen me wear the same shoes over and over again. Although I’m pretty sure that was meant as a pointless bitchy insult, I took it as a compliment. And that’s because I believe in investing in items that I’ll wear again and again. I choose items that I know will work hard in my wardrobe, as they become the base for most looks and adapt to different styles/needs accordingly – this is clever shopping/styling.

Half way through each season, I start to notice a pattern of what I keep migrating towards. I quickly become obsessed with those comfy pieces, the simple ones with a chic yet effortless vibe. During the Summer just gone, I wore that blue linen shirt at least once a week. It was just so easy and worked with so many other elements. Like the shirt, I was equally obsessed with my black Mara Hoffman dress. A big sleeved cotton number which I wore wether I was working from home, just lounging around, out for dinner or traveling. It worked for it all. This is what I mean by hard working staples.

Now in the first few weeks of Winter, I’ve already started to see a pattern of what I’m leaning towards and it consists of these 5 items:


Worn at least twice a week. I throw this beauty on with jeans, joggers, skirts, dresses – it works with everything. By R13 via Net-A-Porter, at £500 it’s an investment piece! You have to know that you love this style/shape/fabric- which I do. However there are other options available via the highstreet and other brands to give you the same vibe. Also a hightstreet version could be your trial run, to see how much you do actually wear the style before you commit to the investment.


Last year you couldn’t pay me to take off that Nanushka x Liberty padded bomber, and this year it’s a long quilted style by Toteme. The one thing they both have in common is that they’re both like wearing walking duvets; so soft and warm, it feels like you never left the bed.


I’ve been wearing these wether I’m in the flat or out for walks (lunches, dinners and wine meetings too, pre lockdown). I feel more of a pull towards joggers than I do jeans at the moment! A bold statement I know. They’re comfortable and effortless, and go with my motto of underdressed rather than overdressed. When wearing them outside the flat I’ll make sure to style them along a nice chic tailored coat and leather bag to luxe them up. I particularly love the Les Tien Snap Front Jogger, as you can wear them with boots seamlessly underneath. Traditional gathered hems make boot wearing a little more difficult but still possible when tucked in – a different kind of look. When wearing the below style I tend to team with chunky socks and trainers.


This one’s real simple – they’re just cosy! My fav are by James Perse, I have the same style in maybe 4 different colours now. Teamed with joggers or jeans, the long sleeves is the base to all ‘trouser’ looks this winter.


I say the same thing every winter, and that’s because I live in them throughout the entire season, wether I’m running errands or out for drinks with the girls. The only thing I would say is try to go chunky, it’s the one thing that will make them more of a statement rather than a necessity.