When lockdown hit in March 2020, it made me reflect a lot on my skincare and haircare habits. No longer was it a necessity to get ready in the morning; past the shower and putting clothes on, make up and hair wasn’t needed. And I slowly started to really like this new routine, the real natural me. For years I had been covering scars with more foundation and straightening my hair till it was poker straight, only to then add back in those odd waves. I realised that I didn’t want to waste time doing this anymore, I wanted to go back to basics. This almost rebellion to my 10 year long beauty routine was empowering. I had all of a sudden hit an age where I was comfortable with who I am, and I was ready to let my curly, wavy, straight combination hair free.

So lockdown came, off came the make up and the straighteners were thrown to the back of the wardrobe. Mornings were spent trialing hundreds of products over and over again, and seven months later, I still haven’t find the dream combination. It seems after years of heat, my mixed hair type now constantly has this halo of frizz. With some curls doing what they’re told, some not, and if the frizz is under control, the overall feel might not be.

That being said, I feel like I’m moving in the right direction. There’s definitely some great products and methods that I’ve come across, I just don’t think I’ve found the final mix of products yet? So while I continue on my journey for those perfect waves, here’s a few tricks I’ll be taking with me along the way:

  1. I think its great to identify what type of curl you have – have a simple quiz to help you pinpoint that curl which helps to then define what your issue’s maybe. I have type 2B – mostly wavy, dense, frizz prone hair.
  2. Put down the heat – Yes no more hairdryers! I bought the defuser add on for my hairdryer but it just didn’t agree with my curls. I thought that this was going to be the answer to quick morning washes, but instead it kind of created more frizz – maybe I’ll come back to this. Instead I like to sleep with my hair wet so it’s dry by morning. I know a lot of people will say the opposite, but I think it stems from my childhood routine, sleeping with wet hair is just so cosy!
  3. What are you washing your hair with? The Curly Girl Method which has been recommended to me for years now! It’s a step by step guide on how to nourish your curls back to life. And they believe that saying no to sulphates, silicon and alcohol in your hair products is a must. I mean if you can give up shampooing altogether thats great! But if you’re a hair-washing addict like me, try Imbue, a vegan and cruelty free hair brand for the curly girl. I love the Curl Liberating Sulphate Free Shampoo, followed by the step two conditioner.
  4. Curly hair calls for a lot more accessories than initially thought – The Curly Girl Method believes that you shouldn’t use hairbrushes as you’re pulling apart the curls you’re trying to create. But for real tangle prone hair, grab a wide tooth comb and gently glide through your hair when in the shower at the conditioning stage.
  5. Another great tool is the microfibre towel – gently pat your wet hair, squeezing out the moisture as you work your way down. The fibres in the towel help to draw out liquid (so your hairs not completely soaking when you go to bed). This method also helps with frizz. I’ve stocked up a on a few turban towels by Aquis Hair.
  6. Styling products are key to holding those curls and waves, and this combination might just be my favourite styling due so far. An almond amount of Boucleme’s Curl Defining Gel applied in a scrunched up motion into freshly washed hair will help to define shape. I then follow this with Ouai’s Air Dry Foam, again applied in an up-award scrunching movement. This combination leaves the waves more structured by morning without making it feel crispy.
  7. Curly hair hates to feel dry, so to combat that I regularly coat my hair with in a leave in conditioner. Either sprayed into my hair and pulled back into a bun on those wash days, or lightly added to my nighttime routine. Sassoon’s Halo Hydrate has been one of my favourites for years! I think it might be the best styling addition too as my hair feels so healthy and soft by morning. For thicker, more treatment style conditioners, I love Ouai’s Leave In Conditioner and Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Reset Hair Mask
  8. If the frizz is still there (and it normally is for me) I’ll then glide a little Living Proof Frizz Vanishing Oil through the halo. Just note to use sparingly! It’s always better to build on the oils.