I’ve had so many questions on these two light masks; which one is stronger, which one is worth the money, and if they actually really do make a difference to your skin. I’ve said this so many times before, and I still stand by it, I love light therapy! I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin tone, texture, and scarring when used regularly.

There’s also so many difference options out there now for LED light gadgets, and I have a few for various different reasons. But the reason why I love the light masks so much, is because I can just get on with work or whatever I’m doing, knowing that the mask is working its magic. Be it writing on my laptop or lounging in front of the tv, my hands are free.

I have both the MZ Skin light mask, and the one by Dr Dennis Gross, and I love them both, but each has it’s own pros and cons. So for those who are debating between the two, here’s my list of their specific features to help you decide.

Dr Dennis Gross

This was my first light mask, and I remember how intimidated I felt when I opened it with it’s fierce Power Rangers appearance. It’s easy to look at gadgets like this and think that they’re too intense for you, but all you need to do is figure out if this is something that will help your skin concerns, and if it is, who cares what you look like when wearing it in the comfort of your own home?! So with this mask, I would consider it’s pro’s and con’s to be:


  • It’s lightweight – the mask is super light to wear while wondering about the house. I mean you know it’s on, but it doesn’t stop me from continuing with my daily routine.
  • Wireless – No need for any cables so you can walk around freely. I often recommend this one to my friends who are constantly chasing after their kids. After it’s been used a few times you simply use a USB cable to recharge.
  • It’s quick – It runs on 3 minute cycles. You press the button at the top of the mask to start the cycle. Repeating if and when you like. I think this is great for those who might want a quick light boost with their morning skin routine.
  • 2 light options – With a red or blue option, this is great for someone who doesn’t want or need too many options to confuse them. The red light is great for boosting collagen and targeting fine lines, while the blue light is there to kill any acne causing bacteria – I’ve used this light a lot this year and have noticed a huge difference in break outs! Press the button a third time for a cycle of both lights combined.


  • The adjustable strap to secure the mask to my head broke. Luckily I have a very handy boyfriend who could fix it but it’s one to note.
  • Only 2 lights.
  • Only one standard intensity level.


In my option this mask is way more intense, maybe for someone who know’s that they like light therapy, and wants to tailor their skin routine more to target specific concerns.


  • Remote Control – this mask has a control panel so you can enter which light colour you would like, the level of light intenseness, and the time. Really tailoring your treatment so no need to keep pressing anything once your cycle starts.
  • 5 light options – Three more than the Dr Dennis mask, this is for those who know what they need. The red and blue light again for boosting collagen and killing bacteria, but also green to specifically reduce pigmentation – something I have been using a lot! It evens out the tone and brightens. Yellow to sooth any inflammations and reduce redness, and white, know as the deepest penetrating light to repair the skin. This has been amazing to tailor the treatment to exactly what I need to target for each use, as somedays I might need the blue to kill bacteria, or I might feel like I have a few blemishes so I’ll use the green light.
  • Levels of intensity – This is a great feature for someone like me who has tried at home light gadgets, and is in need of something more intense. You can really feel the difference in levels, and I’m slowly working up the intensity levels as my skin gets used to them.


  • Wires – You have to be plugged in while using this mask so you can’t walk around. Not the worst thing, it just means that you might have to allocate a specific to use it when you don’t need to move around.
  • Heavy – This mask is heavy, and although it has a strap to hold it into position, I normally end up holding it or leaning my head back to take the weight off – I find the best time to use this mask is when I’m relaxed on the sofa watching a film, pure pamper/relaxation time!