Did you know that on average, 53% of our wardrobes have not been worn in the last 12 months. That means half of your wardrobe has just been sitting there, taking up valuable space. Something that isn’t great if you live in a small flat like me. Not only do we need space, but the fact that pieces that we obviously no longer love are now neglected, when you and I both know that they would be absolutely adored by another.

Also, fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. And while you might be a shopping addict, there’s no reason why that need couldn’t be met but in a more sustainable way. So meet (which I’m sure you already have) Vestiaire Collective, a site full of pre loved gems ready to make their way into your hands. This site isn’t like any other, items are very carefully curated, displayed and delivered, making the experience feel just as luxe as buying from brand new.

While you could spend days (and I have) searching Vestiaire for the best of the best forever pieces. One’s which may have even sold out and worked their way through the limited cracks. Well I’ve found them for you.

Below is an edit of 16 lustful pieces that will have any hardcore fashion babe salivating. Pieces that will work as hard as you do.