Gifting season is upon us, and that means the pressure of finding that perfect present is starting to set in. Yes we all know that the holidays aren’t about gifts, it’s about being with loved ones, but it’s also a lovely excuse to spoil those around you.

When I start shopping around for gifts, I think about what I would like. Being in my 30’s I now know my style, I know what I want and like, but what is it that I actually need? I think that buying something that someone needs/will use is always a great gift. And that doesn’t mean it has to be boring either.

I always need a new scarf or gloves every Winter, and it’s not necessarily something I would think to buy myself straight away. I know that my family are the same so I might spoil my mum to some cashmere gloves or a scarf – something she needs but super luxe (the cashmere). Or for a friend who’s just moved house, I might get her a fruit bowl like the one by Anissa Kermiche, featuring pierced ears – this is anything but boring! Much like the artists Tit for Tat ceramic candlestick.

So for those in need of sensible gift ideas with a slight flare, below are 36 items from Net-A-Porter I wish I had to unwrap this holiday.