There is no better feeling than finding a chic forever piece in the sale. That one piece which you would have actually paid full price for, but by some strange fluke and a full week of non stop searching, you’ve managed to get it at half the price. Ok, you may not be able to wear it right now with the seasons not matching (summer items tend to go on sale during the winter and vice versa), but I’ve invested in some of my favourite wardrobe staples during the opposite seasonal sales.

A few years ago I bought my first Saks Potts coat in the Matches Fashion sale, in August. Yes in the hight of summer I had decided to invest my money in something I wasn’t even going to be able to wear for at least another 3 months, because I knew it was a complete steal! I’ve also done it the other way round. Last week I found this dress (the one I’m wearing in the image) in the Net-a-porter sale. By one of my favourite designers; La Collection, and I knew I was on to a winner straight away. Simple and classic, this dress is one I’ll be wearing non stop when the warmer months arrive.

Sale shopping is all about knowing if something is a complete steal and not just an overstock reject. We want a small wardrobe of hard working pieces rather than rails and rails of clothes that will never be worn. So to help you I’ve created an edit of 36 real items that will mix and match with your current/future wardrobe.